This is not SC-55 related. This is a complete rerecording of the old Dwelling of Duels remix track I entered for Free Month Dec 2007, which I also shared on the old 3DR boards at the time. It's a much more polished rendition and also comes with a loopable version with metadata loop tags for EDuke32 if you want to use it in-game. Since the bonus screen theme was also featured (it replaced the DN2 theme from the original recording) I added that as a loopable track for use with EDuke32 as well. This was originally a commission for a replacement title theme for Voidpoint's EDuke32 combined Android port of Duke Nukem 3D, Duke Nukem 64, and Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown which was unfortunately cancelled. But I worked very hard on it and it represents some of my best playing and mixing work to date. I'm just happy I get to share it finally. I hope you enjoy it!

"That's one of the best versions of the song ever!"
-Scott Miller

Medley List:

00:00 - Duke Nukem 3D (PC)
00:56 - Megadeth/Gigadeth variation
01:56 - Lee Jackson's Extended Grabbag - Guitar/Keyboard solo section (from Atomic CD)
02:19 - DNF 2007 Teaser theme
02:36 - Duke Nukem: Zero Hour
03:25 - Duke3D Bonus Theme
03:42 - Short Duke Nukem II Excerpt
03:47 - Lee Jackson's Extended Grabbag (from Atomic CD)
03:58 - My guitar solo and variation of Grabbag

Legacy of Grabbag (loopable for EDuke32) - OGG, FLAC
Bonus Theme (loopable) - OGG, FLAC, MP3 (not loopable)

Song Artwork (hi-res) - JPEG, PNG

Original Dwelling of Duels competition page - Free Month Dec 2007 (11th place)
(direct link)