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Oct 23, 2017:

It's Green (BETA)

3D Realms released a little video trailer of some of their old beta material that was recovered with help from the boys at Voidpoint. Featured in the video is a beta track for Duke3D entitled "It's Green" by Lee Jackson. I had the pleasure of recording it on the SC-55 and an even greater pleasure to present it to you in FLAC, OGG, and MP3 formats complete with metadata loop tags! (except for the MP3 of course as usual) Enjoy!

It's Green
Copyright (c) Lee Jackson
All Rights Reserved

Also don't forget to check out the 3D Realms Beta Trailer itself!

Why make these music packs?

The Roland SC-55 was the standard in the 90s for computer game soundtracks. It was the top of the line. The absolute best you could buy. Nearly every game supported it and preferred its many enhancements over the simple General MIDI standard. They not only supported it but most game soundtracks were composed with it and as a result their best gaming experiences were meant to be made with an SC-55. And now that I have an SC-55 myself I can share this experience with everyone else through the wonders of modern source ports with digital music pack support! After doing Duke Nukem 3D I enjoyed the process so much that I decided to record the SC-55 soundtracks of bunch of other games for completeness' sake. And also in anticipation of newer game ports that will hopefully one day support these music packs. And so I am.

That's the short version. Click here for a longer and much more in-depth history of PC game music media.

How can I play these games with your music packs?

Most of the games I've made music packs for have modern ports that you can play on modern computers. Some of them support music packs like mine. They come in all sorts of shapes and flavours to suit any individual's needs. Here's a list of them.

* = Natively supports music packs
# = Natively supports metadata loop tags for seamless looping playback
((#)) = Partially supports metadata loop tags for seamless looping playback (see port description details)

Duke Nukem 3D

Doom/Ultimate/Doom II/Final

Rise of the Triad

Shadow Warrior


Descent I & II

Hocus Pocus

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